Easy Droxy Peeling

This unique peel consists of a combination of various acids (glycol and salicylic acids) and is a good addition to almost all treatments and has hardly any downtime.

The Easy Droxy Versicolor Peel is a highly balanced peeling acid composed of different AHAs (glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, kojic acid and salicylic acid) that works on the epidermis and is suitable as maintenance treatment for various indications. The Easy Droxy Versicolor Peel gives a good freshening of the skin and can be used in addition to maintenance treatment for a party or wedding.

This peeling contains an innovative neutralization emulsion, which changes color on the skin during the neutralization process. This makes a visual check possible and thus ensures a higher efficiency of the peeling. The recovery time is short, there is only some redness for a maximum of 24 hours. The skin looks fresher after the peeling and the structure of the skin improves.

The Easy Droxy Versicolor Peel is recommended for sun damage and prevention of skin damage through exposure to UVA / UVB, superficial wrinkles, thin skin, premature skin aging, smoker's skin, pale skin color, acne, dry skin. Repeat treatment 3-6 x with one week apart.


Easy TCA Pain Control

The Easy TCA® peeling can be used for many different indications. The peeling has been developed in such a way that the known risks of a TCA peeling are kept to a minimum. The results are therefore uniform and predictable. By applying the post-peel mask, the stinging sensation of the peeling immediately disappears, which is comfortable for the client. There is one basic protocol that can be used for multiple indications. In addition, various supporting active creams are used, tailored to a specific indication (including pigmentation problems, skin atrophy, acne, sun damage).

The EASY TCA® has been completely assembled to perform a TCA peel in a controlled manner. The peeling is applied in several layers and during several sessions, so that an even and predictable result will be obtained. The post-peel mask inhibits the post-peel inflammatory reactions almost immediately, so that the client does not experience a burning sensation and the risk of complications is reduced.

Easy TCA Pain Control is suitable for the treatment of pigment and age spots, (discoloration) melasma and acne, rejuvenation of hands, treatment of scars and stretch marks, skin aging, strong UV damage, small liver spots (also called age spots) and dry skin . Advice treatment 1-4 sessions with at least 8 days in between pose.


Easy Phen Very Light

If your skin is weakening, aging and showing pigmentation spots and irregularities, a combination peeling with phenol and trichloroacetic acid is a good treatment option. Phenol peels fall into the "deep peel" category. Easy Phen Very Light is the "lightest" of the deep peels in this category, but a step deeper than, for example, Easy TCA (trichloroacetic acid).

Due to the effect depth of this light combination peeling of TCA and phenol, cell division in the dermis (the dermis) will be stimulated. This increases the production of collagen and elastin; the skin will behave again like a younger skin. The firmness will increase, while the thickness of the dead skin layers will be reduced. Phenol thus provides structure improvement, so lift and tightening of the skin while the TCA makes the surface smoother and smoother.

Easy Phen Very Light consists of 15% phenol and 8% TCA, making it a deep peel, but in the lightest category. It makes the skin smoother, pigmentation spots decrease, pores become less visible and the skin will renew and strengthen itself.