Michiel van de Werd
Big-number: 49918424201

Doctor at Velvet Clinics

Michiel van de Werd completed his medical studies at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. During his studies he already showed a lot of interest in the surgical and then especially cosmetic side of medicine. That is why during his studies he chose to gain additional experience in the Throat, Nose and Ear Surgery and head and neck surgery. In addition, he has investigated the influence of Aloe Vera on scar healing in plastic surgery at VUmc in Amsterdam. He has been the owner of Velvet Clinics since 2014.

He has acquired his knowledge and skills with regard to cosmetic treatments from various renowned doctors. He also closely follows new developments in this area and regularly visits workshops and conferences in The Netherlands and abroad. He is also affiliated with various professional associations.He also thinks it is important that knowledge is passed on to others. That is why, in addition to his work at the clinic, Michiel is also a trainer for SkinTech, where he teaches other practitioners the intricacies of working with chemical peels.

Doctor Van de Werd is of the opinion that beauty cannot be captured in a standard package of body characteristics, but that it is a natural interplay in which especially relationships and symmetry play a major role. Beauty and / or attractiveness should go together with a little bit of mystery, which is why he always goes for the most natural result possible with the least possible intervention.

Sara van Velzen

Skin therapist at Velvet Clinics

Sara is a passionate skin therapist and strives to make your skin glow. She believes that skin therapy is not only about promoting healthy skin, but also about enhancing self-confidence. With Sara, you can count on a personalized treatment plan and honest advice, tailored to your needs. She creates a trusted atmosphere like no other, where every client feels heard.

In addition to her work in the clinic, Sara serves as a trainer at Skin Tech Pharma Group BNLX. Here, she shares her expertise with other skin therapists and doctors, and supports them in their professional growth and development. Moreover, she gives practical lessons on TCA peelings and peeling techniques to skin therapy students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

To continuously improve her professional skills, she actively participates in webinars, regularly attends conferences, and takes various courses. This allows her to optimize each treatment plan with the latest insights and provide the highest quality of care.